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O1 Intellectual Output

Needs Assessment and Best Practices for WBL and Entrepreneurship in the AF Sector (Lead Organisation: Agricultural University of Athens)
This Output is the basis that will define the implementation of the main project outputs and especially curriculum development (O2), training material (O4), course delivery (O5) and WBL component delivery (O6). It aims at three interconnected goals:
  • To analyse the current situation in the participant countries regarding WBL processes, gaps, needs and best practices in conjunction with the AF sector
  • To identify best practices in entrepreneurship and venture creation in AF industry
  • To define the gaps and shortages in practical and forward-looking skills in the AF sector and its sub-sectors
Foreseen Tasks:
  • Task 1: Needs Assessment and Best Practices for WBL
  • Task 2: Needs Assessment and Best Practices for Entrepreneurship in the AF sector
  • Task 3: Gap identification of practical and forward – looking skills needed in the AF sector